An idea that Pops!

The experts always say, "Location is everything." That's why Pop-up Rental Spot by Pixels is here for you. Our space is conveniently located on the main street in and out of New Monterey. Featuring store front parking lot, high speed internet and WIFI, tall ceiling, large glass window front and utilities included. Our pop-up shop spot was created for artists and innovators of all kinds to share their work.

Promotional assistance for your business or event is right next door. Our original business is still Pixels Graphic Design. The premier graphic design studio of Monterey. We'll help you get the most out of your rental. Business cards, signage, social media and more, will be right next door.

Your pop-up shop will be featured on our web site and social media, with permission, to maximize online exposure!

St Martiz popup store front

Looking to grow your business? Opening a new store can feel like a risk, but short-term leasing can help to create brand affinity with a lower investment.

Pop-ups help brands expand into new selling formats, reach new audiences and test different markets.

Looking to close out your inventory? Pixels' Pop-up Rental Spot maybe the best way to recover that inventory investment. Let us know if we can help.

St Martiz popup store inside

Seasonal Business

Valentine's day, AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-am, St. Patrick's Day party supplies, Easter, Mother’s Day, Back to School, Labor Day, Halloween / Costume shop, Thanksgiving, Christmas / New years...

Let's see, any other ideas?

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Private Venue

Available for private events, meetings or get-togethers. Commercial high speed internet with WIFI, break room or stock room, with private restroom. Space setup, catering, and party rental options available.

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Arts & Crafts Shows

Great space for a private exhibit or group showings. Use Pixels' Pop-up Spot for art, clothes, cosmetics, jewel and more. Ask about special deals for promoting your show using Pixels Graphic Design services.

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Business Incubation

Need a space for your new business concept but not ready to sign a 2-year lease? Pop-up shop can be rented for short term, giving your business time to get off the ground!

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