St Martiz popup store inside

Why we Pop!

We envision a spot where a people with a good idea for a business can get their feet wet without committing years to an experiment. This spot should have an easy to find location, with opportunities to succeed surrounding them, and easy access for your customers.

This spot is where an artist can finally show their work off for a limited time. Using the latest and most successful social media marketing and/or combined with a traditional brick and mortar space. Either as a solo exhibit or with your associates, this is the spot.

As a business and artists ourselves, Pixels wants to help.

Our Story

Pixels Graphic Design started as a large, open space office, known as Monterey Copy Center serving the general public. As times changed, and more people print at home, we've changed as well. Our focus shifted from copies to commercial printing and company branding, meant for a more select clientele. Out with the bulky, walk-in, pay per copy machines and in with high-end graphic design computer work stations.

One day, we noticed we had much more space than we were using. Sure, it looked big and beautiful, but being that we are in business, it was wasteful. We decided to make the space available to our existing customer base, artists, and other businesses throughout Monterey county. A union of the right location and operated by Pixels Graphic Design, whose business it is to help other businesses look good and grow! Pop-up Rental Spot by Pixels is born.

Next Steps...

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